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Pellet & Briquette Machine

Forsberg Agritech Pellet Machine works on a two wheel extrusion process principle and makes solid pellets from agricultural wastes such as rice husk and saw dust. These Pellets are Eco – Friendly.


The Forsberg Agritech Briquette Machine has a screw extruder press with a heated taper die. Extrusion is used to create briquettes of a fixed cross sectional profile where the material is pushed through a die. The machine forms finished parts with an excellent surface finish. The high pressure in the machine minimizes the need for any additives or adhesives, thus being more energy efficient and cost effective

Advantages of Pellets & Briquettes against Loose Biomass

Lower ash content than loose biomass, as a result there is minimal fly ash when burnt

Low moisture content for easy and efficient firing

Easy transportation and handling compared to loose biomass

Gives sustained and more efficient combustion than loose biomass and

They gives much higher heating efficiency compared to firewood or loose biomass because of lower moisture, higher bulk density, high fix carbon value and lower ash content.

Advantages of Pellets & Briquettes against Coal
Low ash content of below 10% as compared to 25% - 40% for coal
Low sulphur emissions as a result there will be no corrosion effect on boiler equipments resulting in negligible maintenance cost. Coal produces sulphur dioxide, which on mixing with moisture produces sulphuric acid, a corrosive acid
Low fly ash as compared to coal

Pellets and Briquettes burn down without combustion deposits / slag deposits as compared to coal

Lower ignition point than coal

Biomass pellets and briquettes have a higher practical thermal value than coal

Higher quantity of volatile matter than coal making boiler response to changes in steam requirements faster
Biomass pellets and briquettes possess higher hydrogen content than coal.

Briquette Machine

Pellet Machine