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The Forsberg Agritech Mini Rice Mill

The Forsberg Agritech Mini Rice Mill is a one pass rice mill that separates the chaff from the paddy and includes a polisher that gives polished rice as final product. The machine is easy to operate and in a single operation separates the chaff from the paddy during hulling and bran from the brown rice during polishing through a completely automatic system.

The Forsberg Agritech single operation rice mill is a high technology, easy to operate and easy to use machine specially designed for use in a small rice mill or the farming household in general.
The single operation system separates the chaff from the paddy during hulling and the bran from the brown rice during polishing through a complete automatic operation.
Highly efficient in hulling and polishing, the machine produces the best white and bright rice and is easy to run.
The precision design and the low-cost maintenance requirement make the machine economical to serve the best purpose.
The machine is easy to operate and service. Therefore there is no need for a special operator.
The machine may be driven by a motor or a diesel engine and also on a tractor PTO shaft.
This single operation rice mill separates broken rice, white rice and rice bran-all three fractions in a single process which is our unique feature.
The adjustment weight for rice whitening gives an option to the processor to adjust the colour of rice according to the market requirement.
Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill greatly encourages rural development as wealth is created and self- employment jobs are generated in villages.
The Rice Mill saves transport expenses for carrying paddy to cities and bringing rice from cities.
Consumers’ empty tins or bags can be refilled and hence costly packing expenses can be saved.
Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill makes pure, fresh and natural rice available to villagers from their own paddy on custom milling basis. This ensures villagers are saved from profiteering, adulteration, taxation etc.
Speculation in paddy and rice trade becomes impossible due to decentralized production in our Rice Mill.
Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill eliminates exploitation by middlemen and traders as consumers have direct contact with mills.
Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill creates confidence and enthusiasm amongst villagers and their youngsters to run and manage rural industries. This is the greatest benefit as it accelerates creative entrepreneurship for other industries as well.
Forsberg Agritech's offer of the rice mill is the most cost effective and space effective.
Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill is the easiest to operate. Any woman will be able to operate.
The 1 TPH capacity Forsberg Agritech Rice Mill consumes only 10 H.P. energy as against 45 to 50 H.P. in traditional mills.
Since the paddy to rice converting operation takes place only once, the percentage of brokens is reduced because of less impact on paddy.
The Electric Panel is a must since it is designed and programmed to take care of operational problems in a friendly usage of the complete plant.
In our rice mill there is 99% collection of rice bran and paddy husk. Both are separated in the most economic and efficient way. As a result, the usage of the by products become optimum, easy and efficient.
All the equipments are well designed with proven technologies to suit locally grown paddy.