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The Forsberg Agritech SHARDA Mini Oil Mill is a complete oil mill with vacuum filtration pump that gives high viscosity filtered oil from all edible and inedible seeds. Filtration of oil is better than bigger oil mills giving transparent pure natural and ‘at a stretch convincing appearance’ to oil.


Our SHARDA Oil Mill is suitable for crushing all types of oilseeds whether edible or non edible. The filtration of oil is better in our Oil Mills than bigger oil mills giving transparent pure natural and "at a stretch convincing" appearance to the oil. The inbuilt decorticator has special provision for shelling groundnut for seed purpose without breakage. Yield of oil is as high as big mills because of highly scientific worm sequence inside the chamber cage.

Our Oil mills have lower recurring cots as compared to our competitors. These low recurring costs are because of low manpower requirement, space requirement, operational time requirement and an extremely low maintenance requirement. Noted below are detailed benefits of our oil mills.
  Our oil mill is a small compact unit that requires less space. As a result, it can be used by anyone without having to worry about obtaining large pieces of land for oil milling.
  With our oil mills, you will save on energy costs due to the low power utilization of the machines. This is primarily because our mill uses lower horsepower for motors - lower by nearly half for crushing of oil seeds.
  Our mills have a high crushing capacity because of the high number of revolutions of the shaft per minute. This in turn has the following advantages.
  Output-input ratio is high making crushing effective, economical and efficient.
  Due to this high crushing capacity, the DOC has less residue than our competitors mills.

Our mills are easy to use and understand as a result of which you can save on labour costs as only one person is required.

Running and Maintenance cost is very low as the whole screw does not have to be replaced but only a small worn out part can be replaced. Also it takes not more than 10 minutes to replace any part.
Our mill is lighter than other mills, filter press, heater, collection tray everything together i.e. it healps in rural areas and it's development as it can be transported hassle free and trouble free from one place to the other. Instead of raw material coming to the location of the mill, the mill can move to the location of raw material easily.
Pressure Chamber Air Gap can be adjusted by one wheel which makes our oil mill unique as compared to other mills. It is a well know fact that air gap adjustments involve personnel skill and is a time consuming process in conventional mills. The convenience of adjusting the pressure chamber air gap makes our oil mill suitable for frequent change of seed material.
The provision for heating the seeds makes it suitable for higher yields.
As moisture content can be controlled by heating the chamber, it is very advantageous to set the machine accordingly for better yields.

Also the viscosity and flow ability of oil can be controlled by heating the chamber.

The inbuilt vacuum filtration plant improves the quality of product.
The filtration process is highly accelerated because of vacuum filtration pumps.
  SHARDA Oil Mills greatly encourage rural development as wealth and self-employment jobs are generated in villages. SHARDA Oil Mills save transport expenses for carrying oilseeds to cities and bringing oil from cities. Consumer’s empty tins can be refilled and hence costly packing expenses can be saved. SHARDA Oil Mills make pure, fresh natural oil available to villagers from their own oilseeds on custom milling basis, so villagers are saved from profiteering, adulteration, taxations etc. Speculation in oil and oilseed becomes impossible due to decentralized production in SHARDA Oil Mills. SHARDA Oil Mills eliminate exploitation by middlemen and traders, as consumers have direct contact with mills. SHARDA Oil Mills encourage animal husbandry by making oilcake available as best cattle feed. It increases milk production considerably. SHARDA Oil Mills create confidence and enthusiasm among villagers and their youngsters to run and manage rural industries. This is the greatest benefit as it accelerates creative entrepreneurship for other industries also.