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Destoners are designed for high capacity, high accuracy two way separation of dry granular material on the principle of stratified floatation of lighter product from heavier impurities such as stones, metals, etc. Forsberg Agritech manufactures Vacuum Type Destoners which are fully sealed systems for pollution free operation and Pressure Type Destoners that are open deck systems.
Some of the distinguishing features of the Destoner are :
Total control of air, pitch, elevation, RPM to give the best separations.
Bushing suspension for fine sensitive machine adjustment and controls.
Superior enclosed counter-balanced drive system for vibration less operations.
Forsberg Agritech Destoners effectively separate heavier-than-product debris such as glass, stones and metal from large amount of light product.
Forsberg Agritech Destoners are constructed from heavy gauge steel and driven by a unique eccentric drive which is counterbalanced for years of trouble free operation.
The Forsberg Agritech Pressure Destoners are available in four sizes with several different deck configurations and numerous options to fulfill specific customer needs.
Available as :

Pressure types that are open deck suitable for any dry granular, dust free material.

Vacuum types which are fully sealed systems suitable for high capacity pollution free operation.

Successfully operating on soyabean, senna leaves, isabgol, whole dried chilli and many more materials.

Pressure Destoner

Vacuum Destoner